We love to eat, taste and share… one spoonful at a time.

Tbsp. is a new, Italian-inspired, market-fresh eatery.

Tbsp. is a story of expertise and culinary perfection. It is ensuring that every plate not only highlights the freshness of its parts but shines in its entirety. Above all, it’s the pleasure of eating, one Tablespoon at a time.

In business mode? Take the express lunch table d’hôte option; a simple, fast & efficient formula.

Tbsp. is one of the best places in Montreal for a business lunch or simply for the pleasure of eating well.

a row of tables with plant pots on top of them
a bowl of broccoli and other food on a table
a person pouring sauce on a plate of food

For those who like to taste everything.

Give carte blanche to our culinary team and be impressed by our know-how in Italian cuisine and artisanal pasta, and importantly by all the products sourced locally from Quebec which are highlighted on our menus.

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