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Funky Brunch

— Every Sunday 11am - 2pm

Introducing Funky Brunches, an experience that will set a whole new tone for your brunches! Join us at TBSP. restaurant for the ultimate blend of delicious food and funky beats:

  • Every Sunday from 11am to 2pm
  • Set menu $55 per person
  • Brunch favorites with exciting new dishes
  • Live band playing funky covers of today’s hits

Our Funky Brunches are the perfect way to kickstart your Sundays with a groovy and flavorful twist. Reserve your table for Funky Brunches today!

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Tbsp. Restaurant
11am - 2pm
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Brunch Menu



Pastries for the table
Assortment of doughnuts, scones, and cornbread served with homemade whipped butter


Roasted Beets on Toast
Ricotta, apricot, pistachio, multigrain bread


Porchetta-Style Pork Belly
Salsa verde, hollandaise sauce and chicharrón


Tiramisu Yogurt Parfait
Chia seeds, oats, coffee


Panzanella Salad
Tomatoes, smoked mozzarella, soft-boiled egg, and white balsamic vinaigrette

Panettone French Toast
Peach compote with galliano and whipped cream

Eggs (3) in Purgatory
Tomatoes, bell peppers, focaccia, bomba

Smoked Salmon Crepes
Lemon herbed ricotta, hollandaise sauce, mujol caviar

Homemade Foccacia Breakfast Sandwich
Crispy salami, 2 fried eggs, mozzarella di buffala, tomatoes, and nduja mayo

Fried Cornish Hen & Sun-Dried Tomato Waffle
Maple syrup infused with fennel, herbed crème fraîche

*All dishes also include a choice of waffle fries or green salad.


Cappuccino $4.75 / Latte $6.5

Camelia Sinencis Tea $5

Juice $6

Smoothie of the Day $9


Bacon or Farmer’s Sausages $7

Artisanal Focaccia $5

Fresh Fruit Cup $10

Half Avocado Togarashi $5

Inform your server of dietary restrictions.

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We love to eat, taste and share… one spoonful at a time. – Tbsp.

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